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Hampton Life Saving Club 2020 Refund Policy

Each year, HLSC offers family and individual memberships that provide members access to a variety of activities and services including Nippers, education programs, social activities and the right to use club equipment throughout the season.

Membership fees are used by the club to help cover our expenses for insurance, training, equipment, club maintenance, and more—costs which are incurred every year, even when there are restrictions on the use of the beach and facilities.


In years past, refunds have generally not been available, as each member is expected to avail themselves of club benefits as they see fit, even if weather or unforeseen circumstances sometimes get in the way. However, 2020 was an extraordinary year, with COVID-19 declared a worldwide pandemic and government restrictions preventing members from participating in a variety of lifesaving activities. While these events were outside anyone's control, we are looking forward to how it may impact this year.


As of late September 2020, it is unclear what activities will be conducted by HLSC during the coming summer, but we do anticipate running programs. We will do our best to clearly communicate what programs and services we can provide so you can determine whether you would like to join for the year.  


If it turns out that we cannot provide the range of benefits, services and programs expected, members may be eligible for a partial refund or the opportunity to transfer their membership to the 2021 season, subject to the full refund terms and conditions set out by Life Saving Victoria. We will advise all current members about the process to apply for a refund via email from Surfguard (the SLSA communication portal) and Team App if that should occur.


We hope to see you soon on the beach!

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