Make New Friends and Gain Skills on the Beach

The Nipper program is a great way for children and youth to make friends, stay active and enjoy the beach in a safe environment. Our program includes a combination of beach activities, including sprints, relays and games, and water activities such as swimming, boards and simulated rescues. Kids also receive valuable surf safety education tailored to each age group.

Advancement through lifesaving skills and certification is built into the Hampton Nippers program. In fact, we have more teen patrollers, coaches and water safety than any club on the Bay. They've all come up through the Nippers program and the younger kids look forward to becoming junior leaders themselves.

Learning and Earning Certifications As They Grow

From age 5 through 13, Nippers are awarded a Surf Life Saving Australia Surf Education Award at the end of the season if they attend at least 75% of the sessions. At age 12 (the U13 group), kids earn their resuscitation certificates through the program, and by age 13 (the U14 group), they can earn a Surf Rescue Certificate, which enables them to participate as patrol members and provide water safety. Once they reach age 14, they are invited to stay involved as junior leaders and coaches.

How To Determine Your Child's Age Group

Nippers cannot registered before their 5th birthday (the Under 6 or U6 group). Each participant is appointed to an age group based on their age on 30th September for the upcoming season. There are no exceptions. Each member’s date of birth is validated before participating.

Please be aware that Nippers is not a learn-to-swim program. All participants in the Under 8 age group and above are assessed for competency in the water, in line with Surf Life Saving Australia and Life Saving Victoria requirements.

For kids with special needs, find out about our all-abilities Starfish Nippers program.