Starfish Nippers

Starfish Welcomes Kids of All Abilities

Hampton Life Saving Club launched its amazing Starfish Nippers in 2012 and it continues to grow each year! This modified program has been designed just for young people (roughly ages 5 through 18) with all abilities. Starfish includes kids with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, global developmental delay, Down syndrome, and a wide variety of other medical and intellectual challenges and learning difficulties.

Starfish Nippers aims to provide water and beach safety and awareness through beach exercise, water familiarisation and safety education. The program includes swimming, board skills, water awareness, kayaking, lots of games, lifesaving skills and many other exciting activities.

Every Starfish Nipper is individually supported by a mentor who helps encourage maximum participation by adjusting the program as needed whilst maintaining a high standard of water and beach safety.

Starfish Nippers runs alongside HLSC Nippers on Saturday afternoons. In addition to our regular sessions, we've hosted two incredible state carnivals with members of multiple clubs joining in the fun.

How to Sign Up/What to Expect

  1. First, click the button to send an email to the Starfish Manager and express your interest.

  2. Next, we'll reach out to discuss your family's needs, concerns, goals and how the program might work for your child or teen. 

  3. We'll provide an enrolment and medical form to complete before we can provide confirmation of acceptance into the program, and then we'll walk you through the rest of the sign-up process.

Note that parents or guardians must remain on the beach at all times during the Starfish Nipper program, and each Starfish participant and at least one parent or guardian will be required to join the club.

starfish is SLATED to start 20 Nov

The 2021-2022 season is planned to begin on 20th November. Reach out to the Starfish manager for more details.