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HLSC Member Protection Policy and Partners

Hampton Life Saving Club is committed to the health, safety and well being of all our members and is dedicated to providing a safe environment for everyone who participates in our activities. We want lifesaving to be fun, enjoyable and safe for all. Lifesavers, Nippers, competitors, families and the public are nurtured in an environment that values safety, trust, respect, caring and responsibility while encouraging acceptance, confidence and educated risk taking.

Like all lifesaving clubs, HLSC has a member protection and information officer (MPIO), who is independent of the club board. The MPIO is appointed based on a knowledge of the club and lifesaving skills, as well as a high level of integrity, the ability to maintain confidentiality, and the capacity to treat matters with independence and sensitivity.

How the Member Protection and Information Officer Can Help You

The MPIO is here to support members, protect your wellbeing, represent the club and provide member welfare education and support. This includes:

  • Providing confidential support and assistance to members who wish to raise a concern or grievance, or who have had a grievance lodged against them.

  • Acting as the initial contact for members who need support, then determining and prioritising actions, based on assessment of risk and the nature of the issue.

  • Investigating and managing complaints, moderating mediation or referring matters to the appropriate resource.

  • Offering members support and education around safeguarding children.

  • Referring matters to Life Saving Victoria or the police as outlined in the Surf Life Saving Australia Member Protection Policy.

Contact our Craig James, Member Protection and Information Officer.

Life Saving Victoria's Commitment to Safeguarding Children and Youth

LSV acknowledges that becoming a safeguarding organisation doesn't just happen—protecting children from harm requires conscious action. It's imperative that we provide a safe, supportive environment focussed on fun, education and building confidence through positive learning and development.

In line with its core values of being welcome and inclusive in building stronger, safer communities, LSV empowers and expects all employees, members, board members and everyone involved with lifesaving to maintain a safe culture for children and young people and reducing the risks of abuse.


To young people:

  • We are committed to the safety and well being of all children and young people who access our services.

  • We are committed to providing positive and nurturing experiences.

  • We commit to supporting families and communities in promoting healthy development and well being.

  • We will strive to ensure that children and young people are protected and are not exploited, abused or harmed during their involvement with our programs.

  • We will listen to children and young people, take their views seriously and address any concerns that they raise.

To parents and carers:

  • We are committed to supporting parents and carers in protecting their children. We will offer assistance that builds on a family’s strengths and empowers them to meet the changing needs of their children.

  • We are committed to honest, open communication about their children's well being and safety.

  • We promote this Child Protection Commitment Statement to all children, young people, parents and carers who participate in our programs.

  • We commit to transparent decision making, as long as it does not compromise the a child or young person's safety or breach confidentiality obligations.

  • We will work to create an environment in which children and young people are safe and feel safe in our programs.

We encourage all families to that the Surf Life Saving Australia Child Protection free online training course.

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