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nIPPERS STARTS 26 NOVEMBER: Renew your membership now!
How to Renew

You must complete all five steps to participate with the club. If you are new to Hampton Life Saving Club or transfering from another club, please go to the new member page.

UPDATE 25 OCT 22: Uploading proof of vaccination is no longer required, but LSV strongly encourages all members to be up to date on vaccination and take a preventative approach to COVID-19, including getting tested and staying at home if unwell, and maintaining good hygiene practices.

Step 1. Make sure your Working with Children Check is valid through the end of the season.
All members 18+, including all Nipper parents, must hold a valid WWCC card, even if you are a member of traditionally exempt group such as police officers and teachers (see LSV policy on exempt groups here, section 6.2.2).

Visit the Victoria WWCC site to renew an expiring card.


Make sure HLSC and LSV are listed in your MyCheck account:

  • Hampton Life Saving Club, PO Box 1124, Hampton North, 3188, 9598 0600

  • Life Saving Victoria, 200 The Boulevard, Port Melbourne, 3207, 03 9676 6900

If your card is still valid, go to Step 3. Please email copies of any new cards to

Read the Life Saving Victoria policy on safeguarding children and youth.

Step 2. Renew with Surf Life Saving Australia and pay your fees.
Sign into your Surf Life Saving Australia account here and select "My Family" to renew everyone in your family group. Make sure contact information is up to date and pay your fees.

If you need help, refer to this how-to guide. Or email and we'll walk you through it!

If you're joining as an individual or a family with no nippers to sign up, go to Step 6.

Step 3. Email proof of age for any new nippers.

Don't worry about returning nippers. Send proof of age of any new participants to

Step 4. Complete the Nipper registration form.

Fill out the Nipper Registration Form for each participant (age 13 or younger as of 30th September).

Step 5. Update Team App
Critical communications (such as last-minute weather-related cancellations) and schedules are sent via Team App. Download the app or create an account online (or do both!) Add yourself to all relevant access groups, such as your children's Nipper groups, patrols, etc. Make sure notifications are turned on.

Any questions?
Email: To opt out of image use, email:

2022-2023 Membership Fees
Renewal Process
Membership Fees

Hampton Life Saving Club will consider membership fee support in cases of financial hardship. Please contact if we can help.


​Nipper Family Membership

All Nippers must be a part of a family membership and add appropriate per-nipper fees.

$300   Family membership; Includes all children and full-time students through university

Per-Nipper Fees (in addition to Nipper Family Membership)

First two nippers:

$70    Per nipper with high-vis club rashie (includes cap and Life Saving Victoria costs)

$40    Per nipper; bring-your-own high-vis rashie (includes cap and Life Saving Victoria costs)


Additional nippers (3 or more):

$60    Per nipper with high-vis club rashie (includes cap and Life Saving Victoria costs)

$30    Per nipper; bring-your-own high-vis rashie (includes cap and Life Saving Victoria costs)

Starfish Family Membership

$200  Starfish family membership

Plus $20 per Starfish to cover Life Saving Victoria costs

Family Membership

$300  Includes full-time students through university. 

Individual Memberships

$100   Individual age 15+.

$75     Social membership age 18+; bar and event access only.

Reduced Fees by Board Invitation
Families who actively contribute to running the club by extensively patrolling or volunteering may qualify for reduced fees. These families are notified directly by the board. Pricing appears in the payment portal—please be sure to calculate additional Nipper and Starfish fees with your family membership.   



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