Junior Competition U8 - U14

Our Junior Sport Team has members ranging from 7 to 14 years of age. Junior sport is a great way for younger children to develop confidence around the water and to develop a range of skills relating to lifesaving. Regardless of ability, all team members feel welcome in a fun, fantastic and supportive team.

Junior competitors get to compete in a relaxed, encouraging environment in a range of individual and team events. Beach events include Beach Sprint, 1km or 2km Run, Beach Relay, Flags, Belt & Reel, Rescue & Resuscitation and March Past. Water events include Surf Swim, Board, Wade, Iron Nipper and Board Rescue, as well as Surf, Wade and Board Relays. Junior carnivals are held from December to March in the Bay and along the surf coast. The Junior State Championships is traditionally held on the long weekend in March, where about 70 Nippers and 150 Hampton members spend a fun weekend away. 

To find out about the Junior Sport Squad and associated training sessions, events and fun activities, make sure you sign up on HLSC TeamApp. That's the key to staying informed about sport, member fitness and events, as well as other Club activities.

Queries about junior sport? Please email our juniors manager.


Senior Competition U15 - U30

Senior competitors are between 15 and 29 years of age. Often by this stage, competitors have decided to specialise in events, whether that be on the beach, in the water or in rescue lifesaver events. The Senior Sport Squad offers great rewards in terms of fitness, friendships and goal setting. Sometimes, even the parents join in as Masters, competing together in combined teams.

Senior competitions offer additional events, including more advanced rescue events, the surf ski and mixed relays. Our seniors compete in competitions from December through to March, at both bay and surf coast carnivals. The State Championships are usually held in early March, followed by the Aussies, which are held in late March/early April. In 2018, our Senior Sport Squad competed in the World Rescue Championships in Adelaide.

If you are interested in joining the Senior Sport Squad, please email Susie Massey by clicking on the button below.


Masters & Member Fitness

HLSC Sport offers adult members the opportunity to train and compete in a friendly, fun and supportive fitness environment. Whether you want to be the winner of the next Ironman Series or just want to participate in training for your own satisfaction, there is something for you. You'll find sport in the form of beach and pool carnivals, IRB racing and lifesaving and rescue events. There is also the opportunity to enter in group and team participation events, including paddles, fun runs and adventure events.

To find out when HLSC Sport fitness sessions are held, please check out the Schedule Section of Team App. You will only be able to see the schedule if you make sure you have the "Masters" and "Member Fitness" sections selected in your Team App settings.

Masters competitions and participation events will be listed in the Events Section of Team App. If you would like to be included or entered in an event, you need to RSVP to that event in Team App. If you would like to see how much fun our Masters get up to, check out the personal stories in the  2017 Masters State Championships Newsletter.

Talk to Sam Dwyer, Caroline Webster, Lucas Welsh or Mark Garbelotto next time you're on the beach or email us on the button below.


IRB Racing

The HLSC IRB Team, also known as the Skunks, is currently building a new inflatable rescue boat team, with a number of teens, young adults and Masters training to compete. It is particularly popular with members in their teens and early twenties. Competitors need to have their Bronze Medallion to compete and can perform roles such as driver, crew, rescuer and patient. IRB competitions are held over the winter. Find out more about the HLSC IRB Team by chatting to IRB Team Captain Jesse Tammesild or IRB Team Manager Jas Lawrence the next time you're at the Club. You can also email Jas by clicking the button below.



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